A-badass Native American shirt, tank top, hoodie

A-badass Native American shirt

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I don’t really understand the reason for the name change, because I feel that you are proud to be a Washington Redskin, instead of thinking it’s a bad thing, and people looking down on it. Pretty soon we won’t even be able to talk because someone will be offended. God help us, please. I really hope you are going with redwolves. And the rendition of the uniform I saw which was white with burgundy was really cool had the R on the helmet with the wolf head making up the top of the R and claw marks on the uniform truly that is super bad . Redtails not so much a fan of. And I don’t want to stop being a fan but many others I think will as would I if it’s redtails. I grew up watching the Washington Redskins with my Granddad and my family from Maryland way before the Ravens existed. I’m so disappointed that these new generations want to erase history with so many great memories and family traditions set around the Redskins games and their loyal fans no matter if they won or lost. To change the name and logo is completely disgraceful and I have lost all respect for NFL football. Just tell the truth its all about the money …you don’t care about your fans….you think loosing the advertising money would have been bad…..well the fans will be gone you won’t need that money because you will be playing to an empty stadium and no body will turn on the tv…..good luck ! I am part Native American. My Native American name is White feather. I am a 3rd generation. Redskins Fan! I have no problem with the Name Redskins! If you must bow to the pressure I suggest you take and use the1960’s helmet spear have it stuck in the number 7 and take the name from an Indian tribe The spear. And a 7 would represent the Souix victory over the 7th calvery. The Souix paid dearly for that victory , when the 7th calvery attacked them when the were coming in under the white flag of peace at wounded knee!

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