A dirty hoe is a happy hoe garden shirt, hoodie, v-neck

A dirty hoe is a happy hoe garden shirt

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Debbie Anders Doyle personal choice, I have had 4 dogs, Shiba, 2 Pitties and a Jack Russell. The Jack Russell was the most difficult. At first didn’t want the pits because I had listened to the hype. One has died she had a brain tumor and still have her sister Ruby, and she has brought so much sunshine into mine and my family’s life. There are a few other breeds who received bad press because of the people who owned or trained them. As Kim said, my Ruby is a hugger and slaps your face off when she kisses, sleeps in my room and loves my kids and grandkids. Don’t blame a breed because of the evil people who did them harm and used them for monetary gain. Debbie Anders Doyle I have seen many aggressive labs any many sweet ones. Pitties are the same. It depends on how they are raised. Watch the show.

I has a friend of mine who was viciously attacked by their own black lab when my friend was 7 mos pregnant. Required over 200 stitches! She had to lock herself in the basement bathroom until help arrived! Had another friend who was viciously attacked by his neighbors golden retriever and my friend almost died from that one. Don’t blame a certain breed! Any of them that have teeth can have a moment. Is it really more attacks by pits than labs? Or is it that’s just what the media shows you because their trying to create fear? The media LOVES to manipulate information to try to tell you what to think. They hype everything up so you’ll tune in. The fear you feel is real, but it’s actually based on misinformation.