Once upon a time there was a woman who loved books and wine vintage poster

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To be honest a don’t feel for any Artist in uganda you cried out to them when your shows got cancelled they kept a deaf ear they never utd each musician cares about his or her own stomach some/many actually have been aiding with this regime a don’t feel nothing for no musician or any creative artist

  • It reminds one thing,” an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere ” how I wish all musicians spoke one language when your shows were banned by the junta, may be this attack would not have happened. All I can say is an injustice to music is a threat to football, swimming and even farming. We stand in solidarity with our fellow Ugandan musicians allover the country no matter the type of music one does not even a political group that one believes in.
  • Tell them, they used to exclude themselves out of this matter but now they are feeling the itch. I wish all of you artistes would rise up and speak up against those lousy laws.
  • At first they thought its for Bobi Wine alone, if your neighbours house catch fire and you just sit back and watch, this is the same fire that will burn yours as well. Our generation needs joining hands together like how Bobi Wine did and the rest when they were protesting against mobile money tax, locking arms fight the enemy. They featured in tubonga nawe and now the mzee is moods of nze mbonga nzeka sagala manya

It’s a good message to the artists but for us we are ready to deliberate this country from poverty and Chase the dictator Museveni out of power come 2021

Honestly Bobi Wine you pleaded with these artists to stand with you in solidarity when the government was oppressing and blocking you from doing your shows. They refused to back you because they thought one day it would not come to them since they were only focusing on Bobi Wine.

You tried telling them to rise up and stand up not only for their rights but also for the rights of the people. The majority turned a blind eye but now that reality is about to sink in, it’s probably best they feel it the same way you did Bobi. BOBI you are one kind hearted person and the fact that you still send a message of hope and care about these artists career and future speaks volumes. They all can learn a thing or two from you. People power Our power

Once upon a time there was a woman who loved books and wine vintage poster

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