Adult Daycare Director AKA The Bartender face mask

Adult Daycare Director AKA The Bartender face mask

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I have been to Europe maybe 8 times. We have had locals tell us how much more of their income is taken in taxes…several around 40%. I have also, unfortunately, been embarrassed by the behavior of a few Americans. I was younger then, but, as I am much older now, if I see Americans exhibiting ugly behavior, I will speak up. Great response, Steve. Firing on all cylinders. You like to think not just make money. You like to make the world a better place not just use it for your own means. I like that, Steve. You’re my kind of guy. I really need to get away…away from all things stressful! No more COVID-19; no more ill tempered commenters on social media who want to shove their dogma, they haven’t learned how to argue intelligently! No talking; no plugging in, just peaceful solitude…ah! Thank you Rick Steeves! Travel as a Political Act is an enlightening book that I recommend to everyone. And yes, Kathy Johnson, even travelling out of your county of local neighborhood might just open your eyes. Thank you for your insight and political courage. I used to travel often and lived as an expat in Europe for many years, with young children. The US used to be so highly regarded by the world. Trump has destroyed our global reputation. The US is no longer held in esteem or trusted by other world leaders, our allies. We have a rising fascist government with Trump in the White House. Travelling is a political act. Hopefully in the near future we can get rid of this virus, get back to traveling and get a president that will restore our good name around the world. Not one who calls neo nazis good people. You. Are. Awesome. I started watching your videos because I lives learning about traveling to really cool places.
But when I saw your video of traveling to Iran, I realized you were sharing a message that was much deeper than what to pack when traveling or where to find the best hotels.

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