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Any American who thinks these issues are not a problem, then they are the problem. Ignorance has become rampid. These people obviously don’t know anything. That’s why this country is so ran down. These illegal immigrants did not build this country. If you look at what the majority of people are, you would know who built this country. It wasn’t illegal immigrants that are here now. Stop giving these people credit. They are not here to help us. it isn’t that people don’t want the things you mentioned. It’s that no one understands where the money is going to come from. Free healthcare and free education sound great too.. But unfortunately, nothing is “free”. The people here that are illegal would be against it. Or the bleeding heart liberals that want the refugees here because they think we should help because this country has always accepted immigrants. They still don’t realize that the Islamic people are dangerous to Americans. It’s about keeping our country safe and that’s what Trump has been saying all along. Someone told me that 42% of this country lives off the government …
That’s is why they are trying so hard to stop Trump…he will change that and Americans will be free again to pursue their dreams…hard work, success with honor… Trump knows how to make jobs, through jobs come spending, through spending, comes economic growth. I agree, every important issue Trump has brought up the other candidates jump on the band wagon. Plus he has said I don’t tell my enemies my plans… the unfit Politicians have been destroying our country because they don’t understand finance. ….or have any business sense what so ever. Trump knows how to get the money to fix this disaster. …smart business people know how to cut costs and waste…….well he’s our next President so everyone we will find out soon enough.  Building a wall, that by estimates costs $8 billion at least, will not solve anything. Most illegal immigrants are people that come here legally BY PLANE and stay past the point their Visas expire.

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