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I finally have a trip planned to your much loved Gimmelwald in August to celebrate yet another niece’s graduation by taking her backpacking in Europe. The first backpacking trip was for my daughter back in 2008 inspired by Gilmore Girls and your Europe Through The Back Door guide. We love traveling through Europe and were just in Italy last summer and our hearts break for what they are going through right now. We will be back, hopefully sooner rather than later, but we will be back. In the meantime, while all the schools and theme parks are closed, we do have some amazing parks and hikes right here in the US and they are still open. I hiked the Santa Elena canyon just last week and I promise you won’t get too close to anyone while there as it is extremely remote. Keep on dreaming the travel dream and maybe do some exploring closer to home; safely and hygienically, of course.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and luv for our world and travel with us! I look forward to learning from you to sharpen my tour directing skills!!!! Whether it be via book or internet, your teachings are incredible!! Happy n safe travels always! Two of the times I have been to Europe have been during this time of year – 2001 and 2004 so this does not surprise me. That said, my trip to Croatia through another tour group is either on hold or cancelled. I have relatives over there and hear from them what is really going on. Praying for you, your company, and all your employees and providers. We are all in this together. Stay healthy and return to Happy Travels as soon as possible. God bless us all! As of 4pm.this afternoon I was told to come to work on Monday. As of 7pm tonight, my school shut down. I am home for at least 3-weeks. Hey Rick, I am gonna be bored. Please consider some type of on-line video trips. My heart is in the air, my feet are on the ground! #Temporarily Ps Thank you for doing the right thing. Let’s ALL follow suit. American’s do ban together in times of strife.