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Briana Lynn Coelho look up the aunt Jemima she was a real person her last name was Green. She was very successful and she lived for 89 years but also ran the business. Manon Robillard agreed. As a child I always just thought that was the lady that made my favorite syrup. No idea it could considered racist. I have looked her up-people are confusing a ‘character’ with a real person!!! Nancy Green played the ‘character’ Aunt Jemima-she was hired after the product was created-she didn’t create the product-no ‘history’ is being erased . It’s only an honour when you have a choice. You choose to pursue it and when recognition for that effort is given, it is valuable and makes you happy indeed. Slaves had no choice. Reflect on the difference that makes. If you were forced to harvest beets every day, for your entire life, under threat of beatings and death, how meaningful would it be to you if everyone thought you were a great harvester? Would you really feel accomplished?
The brands are exploitative – the slaves cooked well (the alternative was die) so as a white woman, your association with the brand symbols is pleasant reassurance of good food. What do you think their descendants associate with it? Really think if they should feel honoured. That a white corporation used their image and experience to sell a product. people have a problem with reading comprehension-Aunt Jemima was NOT a real person-she was a CHARACTER that an actress was HIRED to play-the CHARACTER was based on racist stereotype of the black ‘Mammy’ slave-and before you respond with ‘well she was paid, etc’ the women who where hired to play the character where born as slaves so I’m sure they didn’t have much opportunity in the way of jobs so just because they paid her doesn’t make it right or ok-I can’t even with this thread anymore.

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