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American Flag Texas Proud Inside me hoodie

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In regard to statues, the only person who could ever be revered that quite literally did nothing wrong but yet was crucified, is Jesus. Because everyone else has human error. And while he was in a human body, he was baptized with the Holy Spirit. Meaning he was able to overcome fleshly desires with spiritual desires. In this way, he was not walking in error, but a straight and narrow path toward the moral standard of God’s living. So any person erected in any statue is going to have some kind of a past. The best thing that can be done, is to judge them based on their character. And I see that you’re trying to do that, but also they sit on whether they did or did not reform later in life, and don’t erase history in the process of righteous indignation, otherwise we are doomed to repeat our mistakes. If anything, it should be a symbol of how not to live.

When you have a victim of trauma, what do you tell them to heal? Do you ask them to forgive and forget? If you do that, they will shove bad memories in a little box in their subconscious and not be able to take it back out to process what happened. This causes the trauma victim do not understand why they don’t have mental awareness, or why they react in such strange mannerisms. Like instant irritability, OCD, scares easily when startled, Etc. The limbic brain forms first. This part of the brain is linked to physical memories. And yes you can have those. So if a person was hit in the face for eating peanut butter every time they went to grab some, eventually they would have a physical learned response to Flint when they go to grab the peanut butter, and eventually altogether would stop trying to go for the peanut butter. Then as they grow, they may not even remember why they detest peanut butter so much or why they Flinch when someone has it around. And that’s what it’s like to have an unconscious memory become a physical response, sometimes it can develop into PTSD attacks.


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