Anthony Bourdain Portrait Poster

Anthony Bourdain Portrait Poster

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Joe Biden has all the supporters, all the money, all the tech, all the experience, all the integrity. Donald has… tweets, a gold-digging hooker wife and trailer park cult follower rednecks. You’re governor knew that putting covid positive people in nursing homes would do!! That was after they were shut down and family members and friends could not visit and help with their care! Grace Barretto DiLemme, so what do you want your president to do? Accept the lefts BS and you will feel united to vote for him. It would seem you still do not understand that you are in an internal warfare of two different ideologies. You are either with the president or not. do you guys realize that you aren’t using your own brains when you just repeat phrases from he puppet master? I wish I had a nickel for every time you guys said “destroy America” but no one can’t say how exactly? I’m glad you brought this up. I watched the whole documentary, did you? I don’t think you did or you wouldnt want any of this. Trump broke off contact with him in 2005 after stories surfaced and banned him from Mar-A-lago. That was widely reported. How bout your boy Bill with 26 logged flights on his plane with him, and actually being on the island with him?

Better yet, how about the audio of Hillary laughing at getting a child rapist off. She knew her client did it and said “that right there made me lose all faith in polygraphs.”

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