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I went to Paris last September by myself and planned it entirely by myself, with the help of your guides and a few tips from friends who had been. I am 68 and it was my first trip to Europe. I’m not sure I would have had the courage to do everything I did, including taking all forms of public transit, if your guides had not been available. You gave me confidence. We can escape our confines with your videos. I have most of the DVD’s. Never tire of watching them! Oh and we are signed up for late September to southern Italy Not sure if it will be safe by then. Fingers crossed. It will be our 10th RS tour! Keep on traveling even if it’s only armchair!

The best travel show ever! I have his books, his CDs and we do not miss a single show on TV. Every time I’ve traveled I used his app! Love it! Thanks Rick! you are an important part in our lives. I am receiving cancellations, one tour after another, for this summer. I have found myself surfing your shows and planning my own next trip! It makes me happy to see all of those beautiful places, some that I have been to and some that I have not. Your video’s are a treasure! Congratulations! Your shows have been my travel inspiration for more than a decade, and your are so deserving for the work you do, showing us amazing places with an open heart and mind!

I actually find watching the show to be beneficial, a bit of normal. Although at times when I watch I am thinking about the lack of social distancing and I need to remind myself that was not a thing when it was shot. Thank you Rick and thank you PBS for reminding me of better days and travel to come. I love your show/column and it’s more relevant than ever to be able to day dream about bucket list trips!! Thanks for your great travel trips that are always useful.

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