Atlanta braves face mask

Atlanta braves face mask

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Wearing a mask is such an easy thing to do, to show respect for others that might need to be protected. Quit whining and throwing out silly conspiracy theories, just have a little compassion for others until we get the results back from scientists on how this thing is spread. It was the same way for HIV. Chill out.
Trump is doing a great job and I seriously doubt that there’s anyone capable of doing any better. Wear a mask where you need to. Go to church on Sunday but ask that your church have the service outside. Everyone take a chair out to the grass and do it outdoors. Trump rallies should be outdoors. Wear a mask in store, when you go into the bank , the gas station ect. It’s not that hard. What’s the old bullsh-t artist going on about now??????? Chances are good that just about now he’d be starting to claim that the elections are fixed and that he will take America to the highest court (which he has all but bought, lock, stock, and all, but “Ruth Bader Ginsburg”) and claim that he is being cheated and that he did a wonderful job in handling the virus. Well, good luck America! He does have the entire game rigged, so you will have a job on your hands ridding your once wonderful country of him and all his corrupt followers. Good luck America! The mask has nothing to do with patriotism. Information as to the effectiveness of these masks is so conflicting that it is impossible to tell if they do anything at all. We wear them because our Socialist Gov. says we have to. You are our favorite President! It’s not patriotic it’s idiotic. It’s OK you are still the best president ever MAGA 2020. We should not be allowing deaths to be counted ‘with’ COVID only ‘from’. If tbat happened there would only be about 20K deaths. It’s a weak virus that does not even attack chidlren.

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