Autism I see your true colors that’s why I love you poster

Autism I see your true colors that's why I love you poster 1

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This is amazing we went out of our state on vacation with our kids a few months ago and didn’t think it would affect our insurance in a different state when I filled my 10 year old daughters insulin the insurance wouldn’t cover it out of state and the cost was $500!!! I was such an awful feeling to feel so helpless we had to race home to our state to get her insulin with our insurance… Fantastic move mr. President this will especially help the people with disabilities and medical issues that make it difficult to work and afford the medications they need. I know some elderly people that were paying more than their mortgage for their medicine. I myself am supposed to be on a medication to slow down the process of multiple sclerosis it would cost me $1,000 a month so for years I can only be on medications that mask the symptoms but not the aging process of my muscles doesn’t give me the ability to get out and live a normal life thank you for taking on big pharmacy nobody’s had the guts to do that in the past. Thank you so much President Trump. All democrats do is talk talk talk, and we all know talk is cheap.
My family, friends and co-workers will show up on election day to reelect the hardest working President in history. Excellent, Now please do something about health insurance companies. They are a monopoly and besides costing an arm and a leg the deductibles are out of control. $300+ per paycheck and a $13,000 yearly deductible is not “affordable” for the average American.