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Interesting enough article – but then you get this little ditty thrown in for no apparent reason – and I quote from the article:
“Considering President Trump’s sometimes comically inaccurate boasts about America’s testing prowess”
This article is dated July 23, and wow – he links to a ‘Politifact’ – supposed ‘fact check’ from April 30. That is from about 80 or so days from the article. So FEE uses some hackneyed leftist ‘fact check’ outfit?
Checked the data as of yesterday. The United States had done over 55 million tests. Not more than the rest of the world combined, but far more in raw numbers than anybody else. And as far as test per million population, around 167,000 exceeded by only two other major countries. So the fact is that the US ramp up in testing has been truly unprecedented, and Mr. Militimore wants to quibble, split hairs and equivocate. I can envision him sticking his metaphorical tongue out and doing the third grade chat at President Trump – “Na na na-na-an, pants of fire, Trumps a liar – liar, liar, pants on fire.” Far out man – freaky deaky.
The ramp up of the testing capacity under the Trump Administration has been quite amazing. But FEE, and for whatever reason Jon Miltimore just can’t admit it – let me guess why.
Oh well. Mr. Miltimore, I don’t suspect you or the rest of the FEE people quite grasp the facts yet. If the Leftist Progressive Democrats/Socialist (LPDS) get the complete political control they crave, with Slow Joe as their doddering figurehead, and the super-duper hard core Leftist VP and her Cabal controlling everything – the first, the first ideas and people they are going to crush are Classical Liberal ideas and Classical Liberals. Wake up! Slow Joe will end up destroying ‘classical liberal’ ideas far more than Bother Bernie ever would have. It is a binary choice – choose wisely.

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