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Why doesn’t FEE talk about some Economic vision for the future instead of whining over an economy that will never exist again? if you don’t learn from the past months epic failures, it will be repeated. We aren’t even out of what has transpired. “All” evidence doesn’t come close to supporting it was the right move. You can’t filter the huge swing and miss on the models and economic bust that has happened and call it successful. we will see. Sweden did not shut down their economy so we’ll get a look at that strategy. Unseen will be the long term effects that result from economic ruin but won’t get recognized by those endorsing shutdown. Once a vaccine has been developed, we can control this virus just like we do the flu. There were 18k to 20k fatalities from the flu this last year and not a word, even though we have a flu vaccine. No reason why everything will not get back on track. We came back after WWII where the situation was MUCH more disruptive! The goal is actually to not overwhelm the health care system so completely that people who would have survived don’t because the care is not available. “Sometimes an event comes along that challenges our priorities and forces us to reevaluate. ”
Let us know when one hits. The problem is that you clearly haven’t reevaluated your original evaluation.
And yes, the economy will be the same, unless people like you allow gov’t to strangle us even further for risks that, quite frankly, are minimal. Did the Spanish flu change our economy the way you think this one will? What about the pandemic of the lat 50’s? What makes this one so special? If your priorities are looking at the seen and unseen, protecting liberty, and minimizing unintended consequences, it doesn’t really matter what events transpire.

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