Baby Yoda Don’t Cough On Me face mask

Baby Yoda Don't Cough On Me face mask

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That makes sense. I thought it might be someone involved in chasing that poor young man down. Thankful this person did this, as i am sure they were scared to death too. here’s a white man who will comment. This is yet another example of citizens acting like they are authorities, when they are more likely a couple of idiots. The situation spins out of control and something like this happens. And of course race influences these interactions. Imagine having to go through life and it’s always in the back of your mind that somebody could come after you because the color of your skin or how you look. As time goes on and the generations turn over, I do believe that there are less folks out there who operate from a standpoint of prejudice. But stupid is as stupid does and that kind of ignorance has proven difficult to stamp out. Nothing to do but keep up the good fight and spread the message of love in actions and deeds rather than ignorance. It will get better, probably not as fast as we want it to, but it will. White, black, Hindi, Purple whatever your color how are you not supposed to run or fight when someone hops out of their car with a shotgun? They were the aggressors and this was premeditated. No “citizens arrest” laws covers their actions. Not only should these 2 be charged but everyone involved in the cover needs to brought in on the federal level. Yes it is happening continuously to our race. Young African American men I can’t stress this enough when it comes to the justice system we are guilty until proven innocent. If you don’t know what I mean sit in on some court proceedings. I can’t even begin to understand why you would do that. Anyone who works caring for sick animals should be treated with respect and kindness (and paid plenty!).