Baby Yoda I don’t care What day It is It’s early I’m grumpy I want Mountain Dew tumbler

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Thank you sweetie for caring for them. I wouldn’t have given up either. Beautiful. Made me cry. Safe and sound they are now and forever. Thank you so much to these people who rescued these babies, and I hope they find their forever homes!! My hope is maybe someone will welcome all three so they are not separated

  • Beautiful dogs so glad they were able to catch them and get them ready for their new homes thank you to everyone that helped and was so patient with them to gain their trust. You are the most amazing people – to have been so patient and so kind and caring. Thank you for everything xx Greetings from Cape Town
  • Thank you all so much for being the wonderful and kind humans that you are. Im still crying as i write this cause i can’t understand why people do these kind of things to animals. May everyone who is helping these dogs be abundantly blessed. Thank you for having such huge hearts.
  • One of the greatest rescue stories I have ever seen! They look like relatively young dogs so they should have long, happy lives! Thanks to this compassionate, persistent lady!  Absolutely great job you did guys and thank you for the lady that says show them on the mountain since you spent so much time with them God bless you all

Thanks for caring enough to stick with them! Another great story would be if the 3 could stay together! They have obviously been bonded together for awhile! Wow! So much respect for everyone involved in these dog’s rescue. Would be awesome to see them all go to the same home. Beautiful dogs and they seem to have really relaxed demeanors. Keep posting these videos because if im having a bad day and see these amazing animals being saved it always makes me smile.

Such a wonderful story, both for how you persisted and wouldn’t let these beautiful dogs down and for the rescues to come on board and help you. Well done to you all . Thankyou is really not enough as you & your dad are amazing people . To do such a heartfelt gesture. Thoses sweet dogs are thanking you in their own way by showing just how love ,caring to everyone . God bless you & everyone involved in helping You all are truly simply incredible human beings

Thank you for not giving up on Grace Steve and George you did an awesome job God bless you and give you everything you need to rescue more animals in the name of Jesus I pray for all of you!

Baby Yoda I don’t care What day It is It’s early I’m grumpy I want Mountain Dew tumbler

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