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Thank god literally every person responding in a way pushing back on what I’m saying is using more than anecdotal evidence to point out whatever flaws it is they are seeing in their deluded vision of what they think I’m saying. It would be stupid to expect me to listen to anything other than anecdotal evidence, just look at me. Referring to the actual professionals rather than these internet geniuses, what a dope I am. I have wore a mask for 23 years for sometimes 5/6 hours, I don’t understand why people say they are uncomfortable. Just like anything, it takes some time to get use to, but I don’t find they are uncomfortable. Face shields still allow your breath the escape into the air because it is wide open underneath and on the sides. They recommend a mask with a shield, not just a shield. I know all that Melanie. You are preaching to the converted here. I agree totally with you and wear masks myself everytime, everywhere. I am just trying to reach out to those who absolutely refuse to wear masks for any reason. those folks just don’t/won’t listen to logic and all the medical personnel putting out videos pleading for the populace to wear masks. Any mask. The countries who are beating this virus are wearing masks. And they have so few deaths it is wonderful for their countries. That should be US, the United States, who is winning against COVID but it isn’t. I don’t need one to refer to the actual professionals of the topic being discussed rather than nurses on the internet who clearly aren’t acting in good faith and implying they have the relevant experience to shoot down the recommendations by asthma related organisations for specific cases. You clearly haven’t read my comments because I don’t ask any questions except what makes people think they know better than the organisations who speak on behalf of people for the medicine and science. You are not the expert here. The expert are the people I referred to. Actually read my original comments where I’ve provided various actual asthma organisation statements rather than one nurse on the Internet’s supposed educated opinion. I have literally responded to everyone so far and no one has given any actual articles or studies that back up their supposed evidence backed opinions. Funny that. AND I have provided valid statements from relevant agencies which back up what I’m saying. I’m not the one speaking out of place here. Go read the other 100 comments I’ve put here that would show you your presumptions about me are actually wrong.