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Thank you for sharing. I just bought my first bulbs for this falls planting. I was only able to get a few but plan on looking for more. They are absolutely stunning. What a beautiful story. My father passed almost 36 years ago I still smell his lotion from time to time. Our Angels

  • My Dad and my Husband my oldest Son and my Oledt Brother also used Old Spice original and several times after they had passed away I got a faint smell of their Old Spice After shave and cologne it always makes me so happy and sad at the same time and then I’m overwhelmed with all the beautiful memories that always follow I’m told it’s their way of letting me know that they are always near me
  • Thanks for sharing this lovely memory of yours. My condolences for your loss. These lovelies grow wild in N.E.Texas they’re the first to pop their heads early Spring. so sweet, and those feelings are so real! you’re lucky to be so in touch with your loved ones who have passed – it’s a gift!
  • Wow they are beautiful! that is so true ! it happened to me ! I was with my husband who was in the Army & I was outside hanging clothes in the line & all of a sudden I smelled flowers like my grma had in her garden & it wasn’t 2 hrs later I got a call she had passed away ! I think people thought I was crazy when I told them that but it’s true ! i still get chills when I think about it & that was over 50 yrs ago !

I have a row of “naked ladies” too and they are my connection with my father-I’m-law. I’ve never seen any this color, yours are beautiful! Such a Sweet Sentimental Memory I have a few of these in the Coral Color I get excited every year they bloom!! My Heart goes out to you in your Memory!

I hope one day I will have enough money to transfer these pictures to puzzles because they are super beautiful! And that is the only way I will ever visit the UK! Super lovely, charming, beautiful, peaceful, inviting. That is where I would like to be, where stress is insignificant.

Be Kind To Your Mind Flowers Poster

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