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So exciting to see from my home in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. A stunning part of the world. I’m handicapped, so without you sharing, I would never enjoy your beauty.  is the best guide for this area! He does hiking, multi-day trips, canyoneering, rafting, and for amazing prices! Truly the most incredible experience.

  • We had a wonderful time driving through the Julian Alps since you sent me several pages of directions for our road trip we went from Switzerland to Lake Bled then Julian Alps down to Plitvace Lakes National Park. We met another couple of Rick Steve’s fans in Lake Bled doing the same drive!
  • Tina was our guide in 2018 and she was amazing. Slovenia was such an amazing surprise – what a beautiful country and we fell in love with Ljubljana, such a delightful city! Can’t wait to return!
  • Just beautiful and your guides are just the best! Last weeks specials on fascism were very educational and essential in order to enlighten us all. Thank you.
  • Absolutely Beautiful I was told for years the smell of flowers or cologne is the spirit of your loved one visiting. Here’s some of mine a couple of years ago. They are beautiful I would love for mine too be thick like yours.

My grandson who was between 2 – 2 1/2 told me that Nana and Papa visited him. My mom had been gone for 11 years and my dad for 5. He’s told us things that no one has ever told him. It makes me cry everytime, but happy tears!

I had red ones come up in Mississippi. I didn’t know there were pink ones until I moved to Florida. Maybe its the soil. Thank you for sharing. I just bought my first bulbs for this falls planting. I was only able to get a few but plan on looking for more. They are absolutely stunning.

My Dad and my Husband my oldest Son and my Oledt Brother also used Old Spice original and several times after they had passed away I got a faint smell of their Old Spice After shave and cologne it always makes me so happy and sad at the same time and then I’m overwhelmed with all the beautiful memories that always follow I’m told it’s their way of letting me know that they are always near me

Your story was as beautiful and your pictures. Sorry for your loss. Happy for the beautiful memory of your parents.

Be Kind To Your Mind Flowers Poster