Bear Will Remove For Beer face Mask

Bear Will Remove For Beer face Mask 1

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Why would you want to confuse your loyal friend, scare them make them feel unsafe in anyway , for a laugh you think , its not funny really is it , dogs live in packs you are the pack leader to them and leaders don’t act like this, WTF is wrong with these people if you want that bored get something to do with your life like learning something not just confused your dogs or these babies under stressful time It’s the same when people film their puppies while trying to walk down the stairs… and sometimes they fall down and they start laughing… that is so irresponsible… Whether or not it is dangerous, it seems to me it is mean. Our little rescue pup went through a lot of mental and physical abuse in her short 8 months on Earth before we got her…..I don’t ever want to do anything that will add to her fear, her anxiety or her feeling unsafe ever again in her life…..especially just for my own amusement. We’ve spent 4 years building her up and making her feel safe and no trick, funny or not, is worth taking her back to that dark place where she was before she came to us. Just saying. There is a LOT more safer ways to play with your pups, that can actually help them grow. Don’t put your pups health at risk for a few views. Make a doggy maze of they are small enough or play a guessing game to win the treat. I like to do ring the bell with mine. It simulates their Brain whiled doing cute stuff. How bout a dog could try to jump it and catch a leg and fall and break it. Run headlong into it sustaining neck/ spine injury. Eat and choke on it. It’s CLEAR and is dangerous. One got away with it. That won’t last.

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