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Now, “Flim-Flam” takes us to “Diddle.” described as “to stream with brief quick motions” or to “waste (time) in trifling,” this note has taken on idiomatically greater suggestive meanings of late, about which we need not diddle here.

From this point, it all gets step by step sillier. Devoid of dawdling, “Diddle” promptly transports us to “Dawdle.” Why can we even have separate phrases for “Diddle” and “Dawdle”? Merriam-Webster.Com illustrates the that means of “Dawdle” with reference to a Jane Austen personality who “dawdled about in the vestibule.” So, now children ought to look up what a “vestibule” is?

Nothing can stop “Dawdle” from being synonymous with “Dilly Dally” which is, of path, described as “losing time” through “loitering,” “delaying,” and, of course “dawdling.” Don’t you like the circularity of those definitions?

all of us know that “Dawdle” also ability “Mosey” which, in turn, potential “Traipse.” in line with Merriam-Webster.Com, “Traipse” is described as: “to stroll or commute about without obvious plan however with or with out a goal.” possibly we’ll deserve to consult an attorney to determine what does or doesn’t constitute an example of “traipsing” precisely. This can be key if you’re ever known as upon as a witness.

You might doubtless see it coming, but “Traipse” ends up in “Prance” which is described as “to spring from the hind legs or movement with the aid of so doing.” could or not it’s that finance executives — in their enthusiasm for loot — once in a while spring from their hind legs? “Prance” now springs us towards “Sashay.” a stunning illustration of how Sashay is utilized in Harlem Renaissance literature is equipped through Merriam-Webster.Com from the creator, Dorothy West: “Her friends had long whispered to her about Lute’s swish good appears, and the way he sashayed concerning the island as if he owned it.” certainly, Lute’s bought it going on.

Beer Knowledge Tumbler

in any case, “Sashay” takes us to “Flounce,” defined as “to flow with exaggerated jerky or bouncy motions” in such a way as to “draw attention to one’s self.” Oh my! To steer clear of alarming others — and even spraining a muscle — simply make sure you don’t flounce too challenging if you happen to’re sashaying! “Flounce” then sashays us toward “Swish,” which is defined now not as the sound made after I shoot a basketball, however “to stream, flow, or whirl with the sound of a graceful.” Of route, the scholar could nonetheless no longer know what a “swish” is right here, but can always go to Dictionary.Com. Presently, “Swish,” takes us to “Swank.” Who knew that “swish” capacity “swank” whereas “swank” capability “swish”?




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