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All the rules are in place. The ones that get enforced and when and by whom is what keeps the train on time. True. But the rest of us make decisions based on the risk of being sued too. We dont run red lights to save time because we know we can lose driving privileges, get a ticket, and experience higher insurance premiums. Why should the police receive immunity when we dont?  hate laws there at the discretion of prosecutors to use when they feel like it. A law is a law and should be enforced or eliminated. The police and district attorneys are circumventing our legislatures when they dont enforce all laws. Constant breaking and non-respect of laws is bad for a country.Then what laws do we obey and which do we not have to obey? Many examples of this in different countries.

Spot on, people lose respect of laws when not enforced too. Most people won’t steal beat up people, or kill because they know these are wrong. People can rationalize using drugs because they see this isn’t anyone else’s business. In the late 1700s and 1800s in England there were huge tariffs and smuggling was widespread. The law made Citizens criminals. England change the laws to enable Free trade and then … you now had a nation of law abiding citizens and the people and economy prospered. Officers already have to be voted to be indemnified. And it’s becoming more common that they are not.

There is way more to this than what is written. Don’t Mayors have the ability to restrict this through policy and training? Sure, the officer may not be charged, but he certainly could be punished in other ways up to and including firing. I didn’t say they were capable – I am just saying that they are responsible and should be held accountable if they have a monster in their police department. The officer in the George Floyd murder had a long history of abusive behavior ! He should have been fired long ago! I don’t think that Mayors can just scrap a federal mandate by the Supremes. They need to reverse this travesty. It is before the Court today.

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