I hate people Bigfoot alien middle finger shirt, hoodie, tank top

I hate people Bigfoot alien middle finger hoodie

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It was by blood that the museven junta rose to power, as it has been blood to keep himself in power for decades, and it’s by blood of innocent soldiers like you that he’s going to see himself out of power in dire despair. Our country need God’s intervention, innocent people are dying . We real need to stand firm in prayers and cry to God coz we are tired of seeing children of God losing their lives. Oh God have mercy upon us .” It’s seems Impossible until it’s done ” Nelson Mandela. May his soul rest in peace. “You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.” “If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.” -Malcolm. If he was in America… We would say black lives matter….. Now what can we say… Let us wake up against all those social injustices… Ugandans being killed are tax payers who greatly contribute towards our national development and they have relatives who depend on them.
Bobi Wine guide us on what should be done to stop the innocent killing of Ugandans. Every Ugandan deserve a right to live….Guide us on a course of Action…. Like You can as a leader a day we can put on Black to remember all fallen heroes… With in Your team You should have a department to capture the names of fallen soldiers… It is us to solve our challenges. Bobi wine please this is a young boy … Y not abide the rules in this crucial time … Pipo are loosing lives but ur family is safe …y not safe us the youth these p’ple r so foolish nw they’r gonna start telng us that they’r stl making research on the car that made the accident..mtcheeeeeew.By the way Mr.Presido me i’ve request that if at all its possible 4 u one day u would’ve visited the exact village/town/place wea M7 is born/his home place,i’m sure p’ple might gather also when u go thea so me i wanna see whether they’ll send army nd other security agencies 2 kill them also.Naye ago agasajja gajooga..And may that soul rest in etenal peace.