Black Cat and Sink Company Wash your paws poster

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Beautiful pit bull shame we are not allowed them in the uk would love to own one.its not the breeds fault they get a bad reputation its the owner.ive got a very naughty jack russell cross 6 months old ive tried every thing to train her but just wont listen looks as if to say what the hell you talking about but i love her to bits

  • They are very sweet dogs if they are raised with love and patience and training. My pitbull just died recently but she was my sweetheart. My cats loved her too. We rescued a 15 year old right before Christmas and he is the biggest love bug!! Great addition to our pack
  • Dont see the need to bath a puppy unless she/he has skin problems.. Think i did it about 5 times during his life.. the rest he was swimming ..washing was realy a must because he rolled in dead rotting fish ,, the smell was so terrible.
  • You know what Cesar would say! Be calm and assertive! You might never rid your dog of all anxiousness, especially if you are that way yourself, but you will make the situation better. Start watching his videos. And you must never allow your dog to bite under any situation. Like kids, you get out of them what you put into them. And btw, a “thunder” shirt does no more for your dog than it would for you. Start training.

It’s ironic that I got a top fan badge. I’m really down right now and I’m failing as a dog mama . My anxious Cane Corso mix nipped the vet technician today, thankfully no blood was drawn. I have reached out to another trainer for help. I’m failing my sweet girl.

My dog likes to bit kids. He is a Rat Terrier mix. He is rescuse dog. My husband and I having children but we are concerned about our dog Martin. We need to understand why he does that. I looked up information on the internet but I tried everything. What can we do? Not put the dog down or get rid of it.

 Black Cat and Sink Company Wash your paws poster

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