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I guess your ignorance caused you to not understand Obama’s moving eulogy. You want to talk about making speaking points political, that would be every time Trump has a corona virus briefing. That’s why the major networks cut him off once trump turns it into a political rally and I’m glad the networks do that. he felt free to bash Trump what’s the difference? Because he’s a racist black? His history says he hates whites which is why he didn’t even try to bring people of color together. You tell me ONE good thing he did for the blacks? Nothing It was on conversation of what John Lewis spent his whole life working on! And talk about politics, they were spot on about voter suppression which was again John Lewis’s passion. OMG really? This funeral was for a civil rights activist who would have loved all that Obama said ! You would know that if you support John Lewis’s life long fight! Your President is the one politicizing his funeral. No honor shown so I guess that’s where you are coming from too! how in the world does that make her a racist?? You’re part of the reason we’re in the mess we’re in…Obama, in my opinion, was THE worst president ever-has NOTHING to do with color of his skin. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them a racist. If you believe this was beautiful, then you were not listening to the Political speech. He was doing a Democrat prep for the Debate to arise. If he had been there to honor, his words and remarks would of been about the man, not about Politics.

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