Black Cat Leather Zipper All Over Print Tote Bag

Black Cat Leather Zipper All Over Print Tote Bag 1

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I had the privilege of studying Art History and Greco Roman Mythology there for a term in college. So many once-in-a-lifetime moments. I will always remember the humbling experience of seeing the Duomo for the first time. I’ve been back to visit once, one day I’ll go back to visit again. Both times we have stayed in Florence, we stay at an apartment on San Croce Square. In the early morning and later in the evening it is truly lovely. The church is a gem. I brought my three children to Florence twice just using Rick Steves Italy guide book. I painted the above when we returned last time before unpacking. Seeing those amazing works of art was so inspiring! Two weeks in Florence; dinner in the hills in Fiesole, two days in Lucca, an overnight in Siena to see the Palio (got right up in the front) and a pit stop in Pisa on the way back to Florence. Trip of a lifetime, three summers ago. I hope your wish comes true! Rick i followed your book through the whole trip in Rome and Florence. You helped me understand these two cities so much better. When I finally stood in front of Venus, my 5 year old daughter was exhausted from the long day, I had to hold her for long time. But I cried when I saw Venus. I first saw that painting when I was a little girl in China, and never have i imagined I would actually stand in front of it. I was so grateful. Thank you again for your wonderful books. You changed a lot of people’s travel and made them so much more meaningful. Take care and be safe. I absolutely loved Florence and will never forget walking down a narrow street, turning a corner and staring up in amazement at the Duomo. And yes, it felt like treasures around every corner.

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