Black Cat That’s what I do I drink coffee I hate people and I know things shirt , tank top, hoodie

Black Cat That's what I do I drink coffee I hate people and I know things shirt

Buy it now: Black Cat That’s what I do I drink coffee I hate people and I know things shirt , tank top, hoodie

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We would all be better global citizens if we spent a significant period of time living in a country where we weren’t native speakers. It would help us to better understand the loneliness and challenges immigrants and refugees experience. As a fellow traveler, I agree wholeheartedly. I feel so enlightened and humbled from my experiences in other parts of the world. I am so grateful I’ve been able to venture abroad. It’s taught me an appreciation and respect for other cultures. Thank you Rick Thanks Mr. Steves I am an living abroad since 1998, and hold dzal citizenship. The American friends i have here, we all vote, we stay informed, we do what we can. I have been graced with a new set of eyes, to look at things more globally. These current times are challenging. I teachcat a state Swiss primary school and exposed more to refugees than most Americans care to know. I see, we all want the same, safety, health, trust in our political and social structures. Travel is political…and educational. Some of which some people will never understand. Keep up your worj, listen to your gut and your heart. And if in Switzerland, drop by for a coffee. We have been fortunate enough to travel extensively with our kids. We’ve always watched your shows to prepare for our next adventure. Travel has opened our eyes and minds in a way that is otherwise unteachable – it has to be experienced. Our world isn’t all that large after all and, fun fact, we all want the same things: family, friends, health, love, support, and opportunity. Equality is the only way to move forward as a species. Thank you for sharing your important perspective with your fans. We are, turns out, all in this together. Although I resented being dragged to every Baroque church in Europe when I was a child, as I grew older I really appreciated the fact that my father took us traveling every summer. We had relatives in Europe so we would travel the United States and then every second or third year we would go back to Europe. It does broaden your mind and make you more tolerant and educate you if you are open to it. I love that my dad could and would talk to anyone. You are speaking your truth Rick. It’s really important to do so. Do not be deterred.

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