Black Girl To my Dad I know it’s not easy for a man to raise a child poster

Black Girl To my Dad I know it's not easy for a man to raise a child poster 1

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Couldn’t care less. Could care less means that there IS something the could possibly care less about. So, couldn’t care less is the correct phrase. What they want is to get rid of our entire system & replace it with their own totalitarian regime like that of Stalin. If you think that the police are bad now. Just wait until they get their gestopo, stazi, kgb or whatever they’ll call it. & year’s down the road people will look back with fondness remembering how they threw bricks & other things at police officers & got away with it. I can’t believe that reasonable citizens would take this stand, and endanger people in their own neighborhood. It’s unreasonable and unthinkable. To “invite” possible criminals and irresponsible “campers” to live in a park they can no longer use is ridiculous and inviting more crime. They’re going to police their own area? How, and using what?  Don’t people realize that crime is just going to escalate without police . Crazy people that don’t want police protection. Gale Richardson they’re blinded by the Democratic manufactured hate rhetoric and the promise of entitlement. People with no morals, no respect, no faith, no guilt , eat that up. It is always the children, the elderly and the physically and mentally disabled that suffer the most when the police are handcuffed or dismantled, the very people for whom I served in the first place. It’s a sick community that allows the vulnerable to be victimized and protects the suspect…The victim will suffer from this trauma their whole life… The world has gone mad… Maybe I missed it but I didnt hear them address any time of punishment or deterrence. The police have a longggg history of failing to protect children. Taking her to the hospital was the right call. The police were called. Now let’s see what kind of investigation or prosecution happens… Too often they say well the victim isn’t a good witness, we don’t have enough evidence in spite of failing to do a thorough investigation.

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