Black Lives Matter Superheroes poster

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Black is not a super power so it is problematic to define a hero by that. We are not an “other” defined solely by how we are different from white people. That is not who we are. Black people are so much more.

  • there’s more African American comic book characters that have regular names than ones that have black in front of it don’t understand this post at all. It’s a post in response to Kid Cudi’s tweet about wanting a black superhero without the word black in their name. This post is basically showing that there actually is a vast variety of superheroes that don’t have black in their name.
  • Love how everyone uses green lantern. The thing is there is thousands of them, all races and colors. They are not a main character. there are multiple lanterns who have been apart of the justice league, one of which is black so how TF is that not a “Main character”
  •  Y’all going in on this one opinion to quell your annoying nerd gatekeeping. While we still have 3 total solo black hero films in 30 years and three TV shows worth noting. Smh but we all got a laugh huh.
  • nd we won’t get any more if people keep pretending the black characters and popularity do not exist. If we cannot acknolwedge that the vast majority of black superhero movies and movies with black superheros are popular and have made big money everytime they have been released in the last 30 years (ex. I can only think of 2 that were not successful and I can name at least 8 that made bank).

well smart ass you would of know one of the 1st comic to action movie was a black superhero (blade) that kick off the whole thing. I love Cudi but he wouldve and shouldve saved himself so much shit by elaborating that he was solely talking about movies.

Honestly, this doesn’t even have to correlate with just Kid Cudi’s post the other day…there are still hella folks (some older or younger) who feel like this though… Woke folks out there just mad about nothing when there’s literally info at their fingertips to educate them.

When I saw a post askin that shit I’m like “WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????….” I had to check myself real quick because ignorant mfs will have you feeling like you’re in the twilight zone smh.

Black Lives Matter Superheroes poster

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