Black Lives Matter Black Superheroes shirt, tank top, v-neck

Black Lives Matter Black Superheroes Long sleeve

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Each and every day since 2016, I’m so thankful for the President I voted for. I can’t imagine this Country without him given these current events (shudder)… He’s already made history, and no matter what the Left tries to do, they can’t take that away from him/us who elected him! I love my President! Following/trolling someone you hate so much on FB is now a psychopathic disorder (named). We call it TDS… get a life outside of babysitting your sworn enemies. made history for what? Being the most incompetent President in US history? For botching the coronavirus response? For being all about himself? He’s made history alright. Theresa Sarracino loll – look in the mirror sweetheart!- it’s like this because of Lazy citizens letting the criminals take control for 50 years – – and POTUS is trying to rectify it all at once….

People like you and the DEMOCRATIC party that want this country to become socialist. he made history alright, over 120.000 Americans died, Millions of Americans out of work, then the riots all over the country for police brutalities. That’s what I call America great again. One term president. Then lock him up. all you trolls like to vote these dems in and live in filth then blame the next president to take care of everything for you because either your afraid to work or you think every thing should be given to you instead of earned, here’s an idea move to a socialist country and don’t come back ! Go live in the trash you support! Trump 2020 all day everyday losers!

The whole Trump family is making money off the backs of US citizens including Kurshner…who is in financial trouble with his 666 Fifth Ave bldg and was allegedly trying to secure foreign money to save his ass! They talk bad about George Soros but he was a partner in 2014! His father Charles went to prison for you guessed it FRAUD! The whole Trump family is crooked and are out for themselves!

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