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I can agree on. It will become unsustainable. Personally I don’t ever equate healthcare as a political issue, as I honestly think certain things should be non-partisan. Affordable and transparent healthcare should be non-partisan. On the assumption of guilt I will quote Warren Buffett, he said “ It’s hard to tell whose naked until the tide has gone out.” Maybe some folks won’t be showing their tails in the end! We, in Western NC will end up stuck with the hospitals we typically avoid because of the substandard care they offer. So far, that’s who has signed on. State employees don’t work for the state because we are getting wealthy on these state salaries. We work for the benefits they offer. This is not going to help us to retain our best and brightest. I just don’t understand how every single day things seem to be getting worse for teachers and other state employees. Enough is enough. Totally agree. Here’s the thing – I’ve been with the school system going on 14 years. Smack dab in the middle toward retirement. I have to question myself now and ask some hard questions. Is it worth it to stay? I feel betrayed, disrespected, and demoralized by the system. I work with special needs children and I LOVE my work. But why would I tough it out fourteen more years if THIS will be my future “healthcare for life benefit”?? Is it worth it? If they treat us this way now, it is bound to be worse fourteen years from now. So sad. We have a state full of teachers, therapists, nurses, transportation, counselors, etc who are passionate about their work and want our kids to succeed and prosper. We love many of “our kids” like we love our own children.  It stinks that elected officials are playing games with health insurance. As a taxpayer who contributes to the health insurance costs of state employees, yet has no insurance myself, it is a bit frustrating to hear a state employee complain they would have to drive 19 miles to save the State Health Plan $1800.
Those of us with no insurance make those decisions before every single doctor’s visit. If more insured people (not just state employees) were more cost conscious perhaps your self employed friends could afford insurance.

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