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07 Years of Blacklist signatures Thank you for the memories shirt 0

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I’m not really familiar with either of these people, so I’m not the one to judge if they’ve done right or wrong with their opinions, but a thought. In a free market, if people are banned from a place who believe they’ve done nothing wrong, they should start their own network and not depend on the frameworks of others. It’s all about who is controlling these platforms. If people who respect and honor freedom of speech are not getting it in one of place, leave that place and start a new platform where freedom of speech is really respected. It’s getting harder as things become more centralised but I think much the same. We shouldn’t need regulation, it’s not necessarily good business for these companies to censor prolifically and YouTube has certainly copped a large amount of lost revenue in part to this. Sometimes an Exodus is needed though, to move away from bad practice. This would be a data Exodus. Like when the Jews left Egypt with Moses during the Exodus. It wasn’t until then that Egypt in it’s most corrupt form really started to crumble and had to rethink their actions. I hope more people do talk about it. Paul Joseph Watson never incites violence, he may have some distasteful views but people should criticise it rather than pressuring companies to ban him.
Rus Tyber Guzman You’re quite right, it will just force extreme factions to congregate and make their echo chambers on alternative sites. Facebook has a policy about hate speech. If that policy is broken then the person has to go. Hate speech is not supposed to happen in this country. Maybe someone needs to learn to talk without throwing hate towards another group of people.. We are all created Equal. Why does anyone want hate speech to happen.. We can express ourselves better. We do not have to terrorize anyone in this country. Those that do, need to stop. Freedom of religion.. Freedom of speech but not to terrorize others. We need to live by the law of the land. May God Bless this great nation!

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