Born To Be Free Forced To Wear This Bullshit Face Mask

Born To Be Free Forced To Wear This Bullshit Face Mask

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Attention those who refuse to wear masks: Humanity has been able to curb natural selection for a while. Covid appears to be fixing that, starting with you guys. We spat in God’s eye and guess what? He blinked. I agree with you on most everything… but not this. Its being forced on people and that is not right. I prefer not to wear one. If I get a virus then I expect my immune system to work, but if for some odd reason it doesn’t then it was my time to go. I understand there may be people who are more vulnerable but they can take steps to keep from getting it if they are afraid of getting it. They can quarantine as long as they need to, and wear an N95 mask. Nobody wore masks during quarantine cause everyone was told a mask would not help unless it was an N95, and they didn’t want people purchasing them because healthcare workers needed em. I know you’ve been to China before. Most people in China have been wearing masks way before this virus was discovered and they all still got sick. I’m tired of giving in to liberalism, and I’m not giving any more of my freedoms to our government, or to the communists who are trying to ruin our country. Nobody should have the power to force people to wear masks, especially when they aren’t using force to get these liberal lunatics off the streets. They are allowed to burn cities, but I should wear a mask. Where is everyone’s common sense? No one seems to have any. Mask is not going save you using common sense is what will keep you well if you don’t feel well stay home go to doctor but rest world is suffering from this so called pandemic thats not ever as bad a common flu. You all live your lives by the media these days if they say you need a mask you all panic and go buy mask. But truth is if you wouldn’t believe in main stream media and get back to what made this country so great people get on there knees pray for this country and our president Donlald Trump we all could get back to normal and all these living politicians that are corrupt and are making you believe the worst would all be found to be a lie.

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