Buffalo Bills 60th Anniversary 1960-2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top

Buffalo Bills 60th Anniversary 1960-2020 shirt 0

Buy it now: Buffalo Bills 60th Anniversary 1960-2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top

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The vaccine will be voluntary. 60% will take it. Shortly after it’s release, they’ll find the triple cocktail treatment needed. Virus will burn out anyway. 2021 will be amazing. Hey I cant convince you. 😊 But I am not worried at all. Mandated vaccines will never happen in my opinion. Hope you stay well. I wouldn’t worry about it being forced. They cant do it. If they did, it would be stautes and acts… which arent law. We revolve around common law, which is basically 4 laws, which we all have to abide by, no questions. Everything else is statutes and acts.. but it’s not law of the land. Plus I know majority will get the hump about this, and it would be a case of we are the many and you are the few scenario… least i hope it would, should it arise… This is exactly what we all knew that was coming g but to be fair I thought it would be Americans standing for this more than the stupid arse british government this is beginning to get very airy what I do believe that life is never going to be the same and we best train our children and grandchildren for combat cos they are going to live in a world where they will have to fight for there lifes against these evil corrupt bastards and I do believe us too we all need to take a stand together.

Check ingredients and vaccines have mercury, aluminium, GMO, blood, human aborted babies tissues and cancer causing agents. we are not slaves and I have courage to make my own choices but slavery to governments have numb many minds.

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