Bulldog Dog Hawaiian Shirt

Bulldog Dog Hawaiian Shirt

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Bulldog Dog Hawaiian Shirt


Zingerman’s is more than a deli, with its huge selection of olive oils, vinegars, cheeses and sausages, many from the far corners of the world. With excellent corned beef and pastrami, sandwiches available in numerous combinations, and artisanal breads fresh from the Zingerman’s Bakehouse (yes, they have their own bakehouse!), this is deli central for the county.

Best Brewpub or Microbrewery,

Wayne County

Motor City Brewing Works

470 W. Canfield St., Detroit; 313-832-2700;


This brewpub has a quirky tiled interior, with its concrete bar, its Wednesday-night art shows, and its sturdy menu of pizzas and small plates. For less than $10, you can get a pizza made with ingredients as local as possible. The excellent beers include classics and a rotating cast of summer brews, meads and more.

Best Brewpub or Microbrewery,

Oakland County

Woodward Avenue Brewery

22646 Woodward Ave., Ferndale; 248-546-3696; thewabsite.Com

Dubbed, “a neighborhood bar with lots of style,” the top floor has huge windows overlooking Woodward. Downstairs has a sidewalk café and lounge with a view of the brewhouse. WAB serves a selection of its own award-winning microbrewed beer and root beer, plus gourmet sandwiches, huge salads and more.



Bulldog Dog Hawaiian Shirt
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