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Be ready for the worst

The first thing a diplomat does when planning a mission is to prepare for what could go wrong. I’ve found that too few regular travelers take the time to consider this crucial step. So before you head out on a trip, explore recent risks and consider what you would do in the event of a crisis.

The State Department has a decent overall guide to the latest threats. But, honestly, you are better off reading some of the news from the country. Don’t let it overwhelm you, but even if you don’t speak the language, use an online translator to get a sense of what’s happening with security, politics, and major upcoming events. Also, make sure you set up an alert to notify you of major news stories in the countries where you will be traveling.

Always have a back up

My second piece of advice is to pack extras. It can be hard to know exactly how easy it will be to locate your essentials when you’re traveling or how difficult, expensive it is to acquire. Figure out which are the must-have items – from cables to razors – and make sure you travel with a backup. This also goes for clothes. Packing an extra day or two comes in handy when you’re delayed or need to extend the trip. An extra pair of socks made my return from Nepal substantially less stinky, after the King commandeered our plane in Kathmandu.

Ditch the guidebook and talk to locals

Even in the past, I never liked the published guidebooks and with so much information online these days, you really don’t need one. They end up sending you to a lot of places that are crowded with other tourists. To get a sense of what you’re missing out on, try reading a guide to your town. Once you’ve seen the highlights in the book, use that as a jumping off point to research, read reviews, and actually talk to people who live in the place.

Let me expand on the last point. Traveling is a great excuse to reach out to someone. It could be someone who works in your field, a local organization related to something you’re interested in, or even their embassy.

Send this connection an email, “Hey, I’m going to be traveling to your country. Appreciate any insights or recommendations you can share.” It’s amazing how many people welcome the chance to share a few suggestions about their home with visitors from other countries. You’ll also often be surprised by the opportunities that arise from those personal connections.

Look, and talk, like a local

If you don’t want to stick out as a tourist or at the very least aim to be less of a target for hawkers or unsavory opportunists, then try to blend in. One of the best ways you can project savviness is by carrying a local newspaper or magazine. It will give pickpockets and peddlers pause.

California Map Hawaiian Shirt, Beach Shorts

Speaking of local, it’s a good idea to learn a few phrases of the language before you go. Using a greeting when you enter a store or a taxi helps to also project a level of familiarity with your surroundings and respect for their culture.

It’s also worthwhile to spend a little time learning about some of the major linguistic differences, which tend to explain a lot about how the world can be viewed through various lenses. In Spanish, for instance, there is no word for “compromise.” While in the Niarafolo language of Northern Ivory Coast, there is no word for yesterday or tomorrow. That can be useful information to know before you go.




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