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Mauro Bautista well,you are still avoiding telling me about your education and where you got your degree.and you dont think its funny that you tried to have a go at me for not understanding the computers ive used since before you were born,while youve only known about facebook for less than three years.see how you are exposed as a fake lil troller boy?why arent you off to your ´job’.you said you had to go to work an hour ago.so you lied about that and you declared you dont k ow much about trump.and when so epne who does know plenty about trump tried to tell you that you are wrong.you insist you know better than i.i really dont have to point out anything further.you do it to yourself it just needed pointing out ,to you.everyone else sees you for what you are . A sad boy trolling for attention using a fake coward account.the republicans should be able to afford better troller boys.unless you are embarrassing the party for free today. you are in d USA – you have no left, just different positions on the right!! Until d “left” can be mentioned without being a dirty word, ye will fail to have even a quasi functioning democracy. This period of time has been a nightmare for this administration. All the wasted time and money on lawsuits, brought on by corruption, and then a pandemic.. they really are working every minute. The U.S. logged the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in two weeks, a new NBC News tally showed Thursday, but widespread testing shortages raised concerns that the figures coming out of the hardest-hit states might not be presenting a true picture of this deadly pandemic.
The 1,424 fatalities reported Wednesday were the highest since July 28, when 2,218 deaths were reported, the figures showed. And it was the twelfth time in the last 16 days that the death toll exceeded 1,000.

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