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Don't California My Georgia shirt

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Ron Petrovich no, I’m from the USA, love my country and my President, you sir are the left wing nut job that this country can do without. We are taking our country back with Trumps help and he’s doing an amazing job, look at unemployment, look at trade deals, look at small businesses booming, my god open your friken eyes Ron Petrovich did we say he had RHINOS and not true republicans just like the fake democrats in the house are really owned by muslims in government you think it is just the squad think again. Carl Ostendarp me not caring god is telling them that corrupted territory of crooks and corruption will sink it is time to leave and i have gave enough of my tax dollars for that hell hole let their govern pay for them and no more puerto rico fake ID’s in my state of massachusetts. Ron Petrovich What Trump did 20 years ago in his private life is between him and his wife…it didn’t happen in the White House..like with anohter president we know ( an adulterer) so it has nothing to do with him being president…they have moved on, maybe you should act like a big boy and do the same… you are typical lib making up lies to fit your agenda….Melania is not nor has she ever been a prostitute ,,a reporter for a paper rag made the story up about her being a paid escort Melania sued and won the case.. it might be a good idea for you keep up with the news, even it it is old news….the only day that will live in imfamy is December 7,1945…Blame the left for everything? …No, only for what they do….you do know that Trump was behind 9-11….shot down the plane in Iran….. and started the fires in Australia, right.

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