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Don't California My Tennessee shirt

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Sonny Morain KENTUCKY ARE YOU LISTENING?… our country is being hand delivered to russia. You cant sit home on election day, you need to vote and vote out Moscow Mitch … he is an accomplice in the treasonous attacks to our constitution and our country. PLEASE, your country needs you! Trump’s MO from tariff wars to Iran: lurch from self-created crisis to crisis, each time expecting to be praised when he ends the crisis. Works for Cult45 too, is the sad thing.
This CONSERVATIVE outlet calls him out. One thing for sure — while Trump is temporary, the damage to our national reputation has been severe. No one should trust America again — not NATO, not future allies (like Kurds), not trade partners. Dennis Menace I don’t see what you are getting at…are you saying demonrats don’t prosecute each other because they are all on the take? Are you comparing Trump to other Republican presidents who inherited a completely different set of circumstances? Are you just throwing words against the wall and hoping something sticks? Our country was a different story not too long ago before the immorals got their hands on our kids, and our television and news. You have no real compariaons to argue. Terry L Aguirre Shimerdla on the top of the list that’s going not the rank-and-file just the Obama appointed leaders. The head of the CIA was a registered communist. And that fool wants to talk about indictments wait till they see this.

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