There are some who call me Tim shirt, hoodie, tank top

There are some who call me Tim hoodie

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Good luck edge im glad to see u back and please beat orton tonight he needs to pay for what he has done to still liked a wrestlers page and commented on it lol. Must be a closet wrestling fan. and I see u like the Confederate Flag & the meme… If it’s in Jesus Christ, why exactly do Alabama backwoods hicks on 10 roads tops, get to rape & get away with it?? I’ll enjoy my unicorn and the ability to suspend reality for a couple hours a week, especially given current events. We all need to disconnect and recharge once in a while. You should learn how to as well. You won’t be so miserable. whether it is fixed the guys are awesome athletes that take a beating night in and night out. Dude get this over and call it a career. I already had to watch you retire once due to health reasons and don’t care to watch that happen again. You have NOTHING left to prove to anyone. Good luck and God Bless.

I love seeing him back, but a part of me feels he can’t go out on any better terms then retiring as the world heavyweight champion. Jason Bowne, now that could be interesting. Drew v Edge, youngster v old veteran. Their styles could probably mesh.  how do you know what he meant? We get that Edge was champ in his last match prior to this years Rumble. But Drew’s style and Edge’s could kind of flow pretty well.

Matt Drake ……Re-read his post … It’s pretty clear. “I love seeing him back, BUT a part of me feels he can’t go out on any better terms than retiring as the world heavyweight champion”. Which is precisely what Edge did
nine years ago ….. The word “but” is very important in understanding what he’s saying. He’s saying he’s glad Edge is back, but at the same time he thinks Edge had already gone out the very best possible way he could have, as the World Champion. His meaning is really pretty clear. You and Matt Drake are misunderstanding what Jason Bowne was saying. He was referring to nine years ago when Edge retired the first time as the World Champion and had to relinquish the belt. He’s not referring to a future match with Drew.

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