Blessed to be called Mimi face mask

Blessed to be called Mimi face mask 4

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How do you know they were exploited did you speak to that person they might have been very pleased to have their pictures on products they probably get a nice pay for it you are spitting on your own people who ever made good lives for themselves because you snowflakes can’t and won’t all you complain about is yourselves you want everything given to you without working some black people were good actresses, singers,musicians etc received OBES etc just because you can’t and won’t do anything in life you spit on their success they would be ashamed of you. I cannot believe ANYONE would consider a black face as being anything to criticize in any way. Because your ancestors were born in Africa is no different than ancestors born in Iceland, China, Germany, or England. I thought the face represented WONDERFUL pancakes, and nothing more. Uncle Ben’s is the same thing. He represents the BEST rice. We don’t celebrate mistakes, we celebrate accomplishments. If I was black I would be proud to have my ancestor the first black female on a logo!! But there again I’m proud of alot of my ancestors ….disappointed and ashamed of alot they did also..but I cant change the past all I can do is learn from it and make sure it doesn’t repeat it self…This is Ludicrous, why would u want to do this, they’ve been on the boxes forever! They should be proud of their heritage & the food they are promoting? Things are being taken way to far! who is they? We should be proud of what a history that includes slavery. Jim crow laws, discrimination, being lynched for what being black. Remember we were taken from Africa an brought here and sold.

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