Can’t mask my love of teaching shirt, hoodie, tank top

Can't mask my love of teaching hoodie

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You are absurd. You want people to die because of your fear. If you are still receiving an income you have no input as to those who are teetering on the edge of poverty, unless it’s to help them. Steve Monaro If anyone should be “dropping” from this virus, it should be the current homeless, but they are not. Because it’s not the plague that those who are using it for political purposes are trying to pretend that it is. We (U.S. taxpayers) have taken it seriously. From 2003 to 2015, many millions in NIH grants to many research labs nationwide. In 2015, the UNC lab published its findings. 1. We re-created a SARS-COV-n virus using Horseshoe bats and mice as test subjects. 2. We did not successfully determine viable therapy(s). 3. This research ought not to be continued in that it’s too dangerous. 4. The mice died just like people did in 2003. War on poverty creates more poverty. War on drugs expanded the drug problem. Anything government burocrats declare war on. They make it worse. The cure is always worse than the disease when politicians are involved Keredine A Ghannoum these campaigns that you mention are ruses. They are used to create budgets of hundreds of millons of dollars, most of which go down black holes, into the pockets of people who have nothing to do with these campaigns. Keredine A Ghannoum imagine being so hyptonized by Koch brothers propaganda that you think the programs resulting from the war on poverty are somehow causing poverty…Freedom and Capitalism have brought more people out of poverty than any other idea or action by a wide margin. Imagine being so indoctrinated by schools and media to not know this truth.

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