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Dennis not sure if Bejing Biden, the “Catholic” commented on the destruction, by burning, of the Blessed Mother statue in Boston recently ? I do not think nervous Nancy, also a “Catholic” commented either. Correct me if I am wrong. don’t show the 50 times Clinton sucked up to a pedo… Why? Coward…. You know your wrong on every issue. Trolling gives you a sence of worth but only to yourself. I would think your relatives and friends keep thier distance from you as much as possible. ime to take your meds Dennis. Yes Joe Biden has been in politics for almost 50 years and what has he accomplished??? NOTHING!!! Oh I take that back sleepy Joe was responsible for making schools gunfree zones which made our children easy targets to deranged lunatics…..My bad. Trump has accomplished more in 3 years than sleepy Joe has done in 50 years. Joe Biden is nothing but a mindless puppet who is in total control by the Leftist wackos. My advice to you is to stop watching and reading what the liberal media says and writes. Millions of intelligent Americans like myself realize what is going on and will come out in record numbers to support Trump in November. You can’t believe a word the fucker says… In just 440 days, Trump crossed the 20,000 lie mark from 10,000, that’s an average of 23 false or misleading claims a day for over the last 14-months. Educate yourself and buy the book called Profiles of Corruption. Joe Biden has almost 100 PAGES written about himself and his corrupt family dealings. After reading this book I believe Joe Biden might be the most corrupt politician in United States history. The key thing is that fascist politics is about identifying enemies, appealing to the in-group (usually the majority group), and smashing truth and replacing it with power.
Part of what fascist politics does is get people to disassociate from reality. You get them to sign on to this fantasy version of reality, usually a nationalist narrative about the decline of the country and the need for a strong leader to return it to greatness, and from then on their anchor isn’t the world around them — it’s the leader.

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