Cat Ew people coronavirus face mask

Cat Ew people coronavirus face mask

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New Zealand is simular zero reported cases and no deaths for over a week and ver low death rate and opening up now for a week with less restrictions then Sweden has now. Great work Germany. Following Sweden’s rules in the US would have increased the caseload in the US 35 times over by late April, according to the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise at the University of Kentucky. In other words, the lockdown has saved over 34 million people from getting sick (more in the time since, obviously). Presuming a very conservative case fatality rate of 6%, we saved well over 2 million lives before May. California ….read up on CNN online ..unless its a fake story…couldnt be though its CNN…In the last 2 months not one death from cancer or other. Illness sound a lol fishy wouldn’t you think. The big, unproven assumption in this article is that Sweden has not suffered the same economic decline as the rest of the world. So far the data is not yet available and likely won’t be for another month, to warrant such an assumption. Anecedotal evidence though indicates that Sweden’s economy may very well have contracted just as much as its neighbors even though businesses were not forced to close, simply because customers changed their buying volume. If so, then Sweden’s sacrifice of greater numbers of older citizens to keep the economy open may not have been worth anything. Only the economic data will tell us. except they achieve herd immunity this month, so even if their economy did suffer during the outbreak, there will be no so-called second wave in Sweden … therefore they can end the social distancing that changed consumer habits, which will allow their economy to fully recover. While here in the US we still lack herd immunity and will be unable to ramp our economy up past 25% … So still, Sweden has the advantage over countries with full lockdown.

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