Cat Kittzy Biscuits We knead em You need em vintage poster

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Our cat is 8 years old this year and he still makes butter as we call it he even does it on the footpath as well on any one who gives him a cuddle love .Everyone knows that they’re testing our internal organs for weak spots. Come on, Dodo. (note to people who throat jump – this is a joke.)

  • It’s like my little furbaby Makea. I have two cats, but she was rescued by me from the streets at 4 weeks old. Loves to knead, and sometimes suckle blankets lol.  It is simple, it is what they do to get milk to feed, the same way we milk a cow, they knead to release milk when hungry.. Duh!
  • But is it normal for them to just keep doing it? I have one that would probably go fifteen, twenty minutes if I let him. I can agree with this article and the trance like state. My cat has a favourite blanket, and when I put it on my lap he comes and starts kneading it. It gets to a point where he starts drooling lol… It’s quite sweet
  • My kitties knead and one suckles the blanket while kneading. Always thought they were wanted too early. Our beautiful girl loves to do this on blankets,pillows, duvet and us I love it when she does and she also gets really into it almost hypnotised, she also purrs incredibly loudly constantly
  • I have two cats. Both are “bisquit makers”. Both are rescues and are the loves of my life. Ninja(5yrs.old black)kneads my leg while snuggling. Felix(3yrs.old black and white) kneads his teddy bear. They are both adorable!

This behavior appears when they are kittens; then knead when they nurse from their mother. The later behavior is harking back to the bliss they knew when they were tiny.

My 12 year old cat, Gepetto still does this to me. He goes into a hypno state and drools on me. But I don’t mind. I am just happy when he feels loved and happy since he has kidney disease and I have to give him treatments every day.

My cat kneads my neck and then follows up by getting over stimulated and then ejaculates. Wtf!!? I’ve never heard of that before. Tell me this has happened to someone else. And….he’s neutered.

Cat Kittzy Biscuits We knead em You need em vintage poster