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Cats Ew, people face mask

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Kevin Kay that Trump train gif would only be accurate if it was off the rails, on fire, and surrounded by tens of millions of unemployed Americans mourning over 110,000+ dead from a virus he refused to take seriously until it was too late. Phony Liberal talking point. No response team was fired. Funding for the CDC and NIH were increased. Department changes were made to improve efficiency. No one was fired. your so blind. Everybody and you sir, please go to YouTube and you will see from Trump’s own words why he fired the Early Response Pandemic Team. Type in: Trump firing the Early Response Pandemic Team. Lol denial. Trump also this year stopped all funding and money to the World Health Organization during a world outbreak. Blind blind blind. Henry if you check out the detail you will see that your head is in your rectum… Seriously, check more reliable sources instead of just parroting what you’ve been told.

This will be the final outcome of all this social evolution. Its sure started SLOW but boy is it gaining momentum. Just THINK about how long it took to go from Husbands “owning” wives, women owning property and right to vote, from slavery and owning humans, from GAY being a mental disorder, beating and murder to marriage and NOW today’s supreme court ruling at THIS moment in time. BUT, until the racial abuse is socially settled through admission, apology, AND restitution, I think this quote expresses it perfectly: “If my wife comes to me in obvious pain and asks “Do you love me?”, an answer of “I love everyone” would be truthful, but also hurtful and cruel in the moment. I a co-worker comes tome upset and says “My farther just died,” a response of “Everyone’s parents die” would be truthful, but hurtful and cruel in the moment. So, when a friend speaks up in a time of obvious pain and hurt and says “Black lives matter,” a response of “All lives matter” is truthful.