Cats & Wine make me happy Humans make my head hurt face mask

Cats & Wine make me happy Humans make my head hurt face mask

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What do we need to do to convince the constituents that this is necessary? Because this is just the beginning…. no one is talking or tracking all the migrant farm workers numbers. If this starts to get out of hand in their population…… it will spread like wildfire. And then we will start seeing shortages of food. Not just meat, but vegetables too. It will start in California and then travel a very particular route. That route is the harvests of produce that have to be picked by hand. And it will then affect the next harvest too… because once they harvest a crop, they usually replant immediately. So no one to harvest, means no one to plant. Which means at least 2 growing seasons of shortage. Honestly, the saddest part is someone attended that party who knew they were positive beforehand.
People need to start putting the needs of their community before themselves..that’s how we flatten the curve. And sadly, that’s not how the “American way” works..our culture has been threaded with stubbornness since before the founding of this country. Americans love to buck the system and do what they want.
And it’s literally killing us..and still we don’t stop. I know someone who just lost a close cousin and a nephew to covid in less than a week and still this person is calling this virus a hoax. The nephews brother was also in icu w covid, no symptoms originally, but had blood clots and his heart stopped. He survived but has permanent damage…he believes its serious now. Idk what it will take with some…

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