Check Your Boobs Mine Tried To Kill Me Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Check Your Boobs Mine Tried To Kill Me hoodie

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I know all about that one and remember the pregnant woman who died but they delivered baby alive but it died a few days later? Both went down as Covid but neither had it a few of us called the coroner out on it and deaths had to be changed I 100% agree with you. I know Texas is reporting false numbers. Probably all states are. The CDC says hospitals are being reimbursed for positive cases. That’s free money. Why wouldn’t they falsify information. Anthony David yes ! All we see is new numbers testing positive ! What about numbers of negative results , also where are the numbers of those that have recovered ? Also where are the numbers for people who , had the Flu and how many have died this year from its? How many people died from cancer this week or heart failure , or so many others reasons ? All we see is who died of the virus . Are they all. The problem is that We the People Have to deal with DeWine, and take our state back! We can’t just rely on a president to do it for us. What if Obama were in office right now? We know for sure he wouldn’t be coming to our rescue. We have to do it ourselves! when the southern district of New York won the case against the Trump Foundation this week in the Supreme Court, the government attorneys told the judge the investigation is much wider into the Trump Foundation. The charges are bank fraud and real estate fraud. This is the president of the United States. We put 1million people in DC in 2008 to fight our government. Buses came from everywhere ! Could we do this again? Let them know we aren’t going to stand for this mess anymore.

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