Chester Bennington Who cares if one more light goes out shirt, tank top, hoodie

Chester Bennington Who cares if one more light goes out shirt

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I am not sure I follow what your post is asking for the Governor. You are participating in this madness based on what you’re sharing. I don’t thinK I follow what you’re suggesting. Open it all up and let the cases spread or close it back down? Our state is one of the highest in the country now. I don’t mean this in a stark way but, sincerely asking what you’re solution is here/request. let’s be honest you didn’t anyway. Remember all the things you said on the other page a few weeks ago? I hope things have gotten better for you. I hope you have been able to reconnect with others. I know you were feeling isolated and lonely. Take care of yourself. Peace. I don’t think people aren’t following them because they don’t think they aren’t fair (at least here in my part of N.C.). I think the people who aren’t following them still think this is a hoax and totally overblown. Jennifer Gerber Watkins I am a firm believer in free speech and protests, but it’s real hard to take the governor seriously when he spouts wear a mask, social distance and only allows very small gatherings and then he marches in a group of more than 25 with no social distancing and a mask hanging from his ear. He violated the same rules he applies to the citizens of the state. I hear you but, I don’t agree. If he opened the bars for out doors that at this point is such a small chunk.. Overall our state is displaying that people are going to do what they want. No one is policing that and that in itself is the actual issue. People all know this virus exists here and they choose themselves and their lives first and hope for the best. That is what’s happening. Our hospitals are going to get overwhelmed if this continues and then what will people do when we go backwards and are forced back in our homes since people won’t respect social distancing spaces and not prevent crowds. It’s honestly that simple. Social distance/ cover your face = moving past this. Continue the fight and ignoring the basic requests will keep us dying and further sacrifices.

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