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now not satisfied with having the biggest topiary hen on the planet, Topiary Joe counseled Fitzgerald mayor Jim Puckett that the largest topiary anything on this planet is a fifty nine-and-a-half statue in Dubai, and “if we go to 62 feet, we’ll have that as neatly.” Puckett observed, “neatly, let’s go large or go domestic.” You’ve got to like this fowl booster. Fittingly, the topiary in Dubai is Mickey Mouse. You just can’t make this stuff up.

In Marietta, that you would be able to order a three-piece hen combo with mashed potatoes and cole slaw at our large chook however what do you do with a big chicken constituted of plants and twigs in Fitzgerald? Good query. Mayor Puckett says that plans demand an residence-style room to be inbuilt the chicken someplace between the gizzard and the hock joint. (ok, I made that part up.)

really, the mayor says there are plans for an condominium to be available for rent to visitors and that he has heard from newlyweds attracted to booking it for a honeymoon suite. I count on he isn’t making that part up. (“Golly, sweetheart, I simply can’t decide where we should still go on our honeymoon. Bermuda or Hawaii, the South of France or might be inner a chicken bush in Fitzgerald.”)

Marietta Mayor Steve Tumlin has, as normal, taken the high street about Fitzgerald having a topiary chook it truly is taller than ours. Why no longer? It isn’t the end of the world. For starters, Marietta occurs to be observed in Cobb County, the most effective county in Georgia with a daily newspaper and a massive League baseball team (albeit with a lousy bullpen.)

Chicken Knowledge Tumbler

Fitzgerald is determined in Ben Hill county named for a person who served as a senator in the accomplice States of the usa. Wait until the Woke crowd hears that. If I were a sixty two-foot topiary fowl, I’d be a bit involved presently.

So, let’s retain all of it in point of view. When the folks in Fitzgerald beginning crowing about their privet-lined hen, we all comprehend the precise deal is correct right here in Marietta. And that’s eggs-actly the place it can be.




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